Having just finished the holidays, when we hear the term “bonding” we may have thoughts of Uncle Irv’s “unusual” table manners or those “fun” times with the in-laws.

We don’t think about our teeth and bonding, but maybe we should. Dental bonding can be a good solution to certain dental problems. Dental bonding uses resin, a mix of tooth-colored plastic and glass, to cover or fill an assortment of dental problems. Bonding is an alternative to more expensive porcelain veneers.

Dr. Smith uses bonding when applicable at our Hedgesville offices.

What can bonding do for my teeth?

Bonding can solve many problems with your teeth. First things first, though, bonding can only be done on healthy teeth. If your teeth have problems such as decay or there are issues with your gums, those need to be addressed before any bonding can be done. Bonding is a cosmetic treatment, not a restoration.

Here are the cosmetic dental problems that can be fixed with bonding. Bonding can:

  • Fill large cavities
  • Restore teeth that have lost mass due to decay
  • Brighten heavily discolored teeth
  • Fill tooth cracks and chips
  • Protect the tooth root when gums recede
  • Fill gaps between the teeth
  • Improve the symmetry of the teeth
  • Hold veneers and crowns

 The benefits of bonding?

  • Ease— With bonding, there is no waiting for fabrication of veneers or a crown. Bonding is done in the office, usually in a single visit.
  • Cost— Bonding can be an alternative to more expensive procedures such as veneers, crowns, or certain large precious metal fillings. Dr. Smith can use bonding to address many of the same problems, but at a much lower cost.
  • Painless— Since bonding involves placing the bonding material onto your teeth, there is no need for any anesthesia.

How is it done?

Dr. Smith applies the resin in layers. A layer is applied and then sculpted as needed. When satisfied, that layer is then cured with a special light, and the next layer is applied. This is done until the final look is achieved. Once placed, the resin can be shaped, ground, and polished. The end result is a beautiful smile, and it can all be done in just a single appointment.

Interested in bonding without Uncle Irv? Call us at Dental Arts of Hedgesville, (304) 754-8803, to make an appointment.

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